Earl Scruggs…the farewell. (photos)

October 19, 2007

Okay, question. Who has ever heard of Earl Scruggs?

Well, I consider myself one of those non-sheltered boys growing up, but even as that is true, I have never heard of Earl Scruggs. Not to long ago, I had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to photograph his farewell concert in Shelby, NC. (He’s a native of Boiling Springs, NC and a GWU Honorary Doctorate recipient.) Let me tell ya, this man is in his eighties and he can still play. Oh yes…this man, has got rhythm in his fingers and no banjo or guitar will ever be silenced, if it is within his grasp.

This man is the Elvis of Country music. The Johnny Cash of Bluegrass music and he continues to rock the house wherever he plays.

This was an amazing event for me and I consider myself only one of the millions to be truly blessed and entertained from Earl’s music.

Thanks Earl.


2 Responses to “Earl Scruggs…the farewell. (photos)”

  1. George Reich Says:

    Gosh, I’m surprised his fingers still move…

  2. Steve Windsor Says:

    You’ve captured a rare moment in musical history. These photos will be around long after you and I are gone.

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