Bulldoll COACHES…Stetson and Christy

October 25, 2007

Wow. I just keep posting new and exciting stuff. It’s fun. I think I’m addicted to this whole blog thing, AND who wouldn’t be?! Haha.

In this post, I would like to introduce to you, the official GWU Bulldoll Coaches; Christy and Stetson. Two ladies whom I have had the distinct honor and privelege of photographing and hanging out with. They are awesome ladies and their kindness, is totally out-of-this world. And Stetson is a Britney Spears dancing fool.

Ahem, let me clarify. She may not like that Spears girl, but that new single….it came on the radio in the studio and Stetson just let loose. I tried to capture her dancing, but she was moving so fast, I couldn’t get a focus lock. Of course, that’s poor photographer skills, but HEY, I was laughing too.

Anywhoo. Enjoy these new photos….and thanks for the love and support!!! More individual photos of Stetson and Christy to come soon…


3 Responses to “Bulldoll COACHES…Stetson and Christy”

  1. Sarah Rhoads Says:

    I love that the comment portion is already filled out! Great work on this Chris, it looks pretty rockin

  2. Brittney Bailey Says:

    These picture are amazing Christy and Stetson compliment each other so well. Thank you for working with us and all the hard work you put into making our pictures look good!

    Brittney Bailey (Bulldoll)

  3. These are amazing! How in the world do you get that awesome lighting! GREAT WORK!

    ❤ k.

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