Gallery of Distinguished Graduates (portrait session)

October 29, 2007

Every year around Homecoming at GWU, a unique event presents itself. It is the Galley of Distinguished Graduates. These are alumni who, throughout the course of their lives, have achieved remarkable and interesting accomplishments. And oh my, what entertaining stories they all share about either their time at GWU and/or throughout their lives. Especially, love stories at GWU, those are a hoot.

I had the distinct opportunity to take portraits of them all, and below are a selected few. This portrait session was interesting for me, because it was my first attempt at a portable background setup (provided by Prof. Bob Carey). As Professional Photographer Joe McNally would say, “we have achieved a very accomplished looking portrait.”

And that’s how I feel about these shown photos. I hope I have presented these Distinguished Graduates well and in a very accomplished portrait, and portrayed the respect they deserve.


2 Responses to “Gallery of Distinguished Graduates (portrait session)”

  1. Andria Says:

    I am so excited about this weekend!!!! These look awesome. Can’t wait for some funky, artsy stuff for my EP! What time can you come? Friday or Saturday, or Friday night and Saturday morning? Also, do i need to send you moolah now?

  2. Jordan Says:

    Good shots man!

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