Tony Simmons….headshots for an old friend.

January 4, 2008


Don’t you think it’s time to bring back the original TGIF?!  Ah well.  


Just recently an old college buddy of mine, Tony Simmons, asked me to photograph him, purpose being he needed some up to date headshots.  I was more than happy to help.  He needed something basic and sharp.  And he wanted one with his shirt off.  Crazy guy.  Oh well…here ya go.  Enjoy.



















4 Responses to “Tony Simmons….headshots for an old friend.”

  1. very nice 🙂 i love your high key lighting!

  2. Ashley Says:

    Oh those are so fun! I especially like the last two.
    Do you have your own studio? Where do you take these indoor shots?

  3. stetson Says:

    I absolutley love Tony’s pictures!!! My favorite is the one with the Dior glasses.

  4. adambphoto Says:

    man, you nail the lighting everytime… way to go Chris… the lighting is perfect.

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