Slushy GWU campus….for my dear friends.

January 18, 2008

I consider myself one of great hope, especially when it comes to snow.  Like every young man, I always hope for and anticipate the snowy days.  Living in Boiling Springs, NC, snowy days aren’t always on the horizon.  BUT….every once in awhile surprising things happen.  

Take Thursday, 18th, for example.  All my dear friends were so excited on Wednesday that GWU would be closed on Thursday, due to snowy and icey weather.  I was hoping for it, but not expecting it.  Sure enough, the snow came, the freezing rain came and no GWU on Thursday.

So, in honor of all my dear friends, I grabbed a warm jacket, a big umbrella (to protect me from the freezing rain), grabbed the camera and took some photos of campus for them.  I hope you all enjoy them.  

And now they’re calling for more snow this weekend, will it come?  Only the Great SnowMaker above knows, but for now, I, we, will wait in high anticipation.

Take care.


































































4 Responses to “Slushy GWU campus….for my dear friends.”

  1. andiramusic Says:

    I miss GWU.

  2. George Reich Says:

    Remember the time we had about 10 inches of snow and all the Royster boys? Those were the days! Those couple of days will go down in history right next to the night I fell through the roof. Love you buddy! Good pictures!

  3. George Reich Says:

    Oh, I meant to say…remember the time all the Royster boys had fun in that 10″ snow. I guess it did not come out that way. Oh well, you get the point.

  4. Mark Stout Says:

    Great pictures, Chris. The snow-covered evergreen is awesome.

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