The Night of the Lunar.

February 22, 2008

It seems like I have a tendency to always post on Fridays.  Hmmm.  Why is that?  Because, it’s FRIDAY!  “Doon’t cha know.” (as Bobby’s mom would say on “Bobby’s World.”)

One of my bestest friends, EVER, told me I should post these on my blog.  Thanks for the support JOSH!


The following images were taken Tuesday night in Boiling Springs, NC, during the Lunar Eclipse.  I didn’t get much of the actual shadow from the Earth, but I still like what came out.

I couldn’t be with my Kristen that night, so I took them for her.  























3 Responses to “The Night of the Lunar.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    the only thing better….is the real thing…..

  2. JP Says:

    Ah man, it was a beautiful thing to watch in Nicaragua. I took a few photos, but sadly I didn’t have a tripod.

  3. andira Says:

    i really love these pics, Chris

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