Smiles, laughter, memories. Friends.

May 7, 2008


This might sound cheesy, and might put me in the “old” category, but when I was young I was hooked on a high school show called, “Saved by the Bell.”  Is it still on the air?  Well, one episode was where the main character, Zach Morris, and his friends, formed a rock band, I think called, “Zack Attack.”  Anyways, one song on there was “Friends Forever” and if you ever saw the episode that song is now forever engraved into your memory…for some reason, when I look at the photos below, I am reminded of that song.  Haha.


So, this post is for Haley and her friends, and as they close out their final semester at Gardner-Webb together, they will forever be…friends forever.  


Hope you enjoy.















3 Responses to “Smiles, laughter, memories. Friends.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Those were awesome…I know they have got to be happy with them!

  2. stetson Says:

    okay so these are my favorite! What a great idea. I wish I would have done that with my girlfriends!

  3. George Reich Says:

    Good pictures Bleedy! You get better and better every day! Will you take yearly photos of my kids someday when I have them?

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