Brooke, the lady in waiting. The Story…

August 29, 2008

We take for granted people.  People, in the sense of their God given personalities and talents; distinctively given by the Almighty.  Our eyes are mini-camera’s focusing and developing the life that God has ordained for each coming day. 

The pictures you are about to view are a story, which does not need to be told by words but simply by your eyes.  The young woman in these photos has a special story.  Her personality is vibrant and full of life, her smile depicts her sincerity and her heart is portrayed within these pictures. 




It was November 29, 2008, Brooke and Jay were in Vegas, exchanging vows to one another, promising to always love, care and cherish one another until death do them part.  The moment was unexplainable, the excited hearts, glistening starry eyes, and safekeeping presence filled both of their lives that moment.  Then, March 18th, 2008, John Joseph Hayden was to embark in his biggest battle yet…leaving his cherished Bride to fight for our Country, to keep us all safe so that we can all have excited hearts, glistening starry eyed, safekeeping moments. 



As they both embraced their last kiss and hug for an enduring while…they both knew in their hearts, God had personally assigned these roles to each of them.  He gave them both the talent and personality to endure this battle of distance.  At this very moment, Jay is stationed in Iraq, sacrificing to keep us safe.   At this moment, Brooke is the constant encourager to her husband to her peers and they are both faithful to God’s calling. 



They never had time for an actual wedding, so Brooke is planning a wedding celebration, were when Jay returns home in Mid-October, his Bride will be waiting for his arrival and they will both renew their vows once again before the Lord, as a reminder of His Faithfulness and Love for them and all people. 



These pictures are a gift from Christopher and Kristen Breedlove who have had the honor and privilege of capturing the life of a Marine Wife…

We are so excited for Jay’s return…until then, here is Brooke…the Wife of a Marine, a Hero, she is the…. Lady in Waiting. 

Written by Kristen Breedlove

Photos by Chris Breedlove






















5 Responses to “Brooke, the lady in waiting. The Story…”

  1. Nicole Coldren Says:

    Chris and Kristen, both the story and pictures are amazing!! I love the Craddock Terry hotel and it is a beautiful place!! You truly know how to capture a person’s heart in a picture! Best of luck!

  2. Rob Jones Says:

    Chris / Kristen,

    Stunning pictures, amazing story. We are blessed to live in country where men and women are willing to put their dreams, their lives on hold for our benefit. We are God’s hands here on Earth and I’m sure He delights in how you’ve carried Brooke and Jay.

    All the best, Rob

  3. jessica Says:

    hey great depiction of reality – brooke is amazing, i love her, and I am counting the days down till jay comes back right along with her…praying for yall

  4. Jordan Says:

    Super good job Breedlove! I like your style. I’d pay you to photograph my wedding…but I’m already happily married.

  5. […] Jay, through my wife at Liberty. If you remember, Brooke was previously featured on my blog as the “Lady in Waiting” written by my wife and this past November her wedding ceremony was held in a beautiful Catholic […]

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