Ricky and Laura, Richmond VA.

October 6, 2008



A couple of weeks ago, I had the distinct honor, and pleasure, to work beside, as well as assist, a “one-of-a-kind” photographer.  Rob and I met during Scott Kelby‘s Worldwide Photo Walk back in the early fall and have been communication ever since.  Rob, operates and owns, Towner-Jones Photography based just outside of Washington, DC.  I truly appreciate and value our friendship and like I said, it was indeed an honor to work with him.  

The photos below are just a small glimpse into the exciting day we had when photographing Ricky and Laura.  I was mainly a third pair of eyes for Rob, as his wife was also assisting him, as well.  Ricky and Laura were truly excited that day and even so, their little boy was especially excited, especially when his mommy was holding him.  

I hope your enjoy these photos and be on the look out for another blog entry coming soon, as I also had the opportunity to work aside another notorious photographer this past weekend.  

Take care and blessings.  














2 Responses to “Ricky and Laura, Richmond VA.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Beautiful as always…love the unusual angles and subject matter…..

  2. Jordan Says:

    Super job! Can I hire you to be Spiderman at my birthday party?

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